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Gulley’s Financial Solutions is not your ordinary financial planner. We always maintain industry standard measures to maximize the benefits of our clients. 

Personalized Solutions 
No business or individual can have the same level of financial problems. We give an undivided attention to the diverse financial requirements of our clients. Personalized accounting and taxation solutions with optimal results are assured here at Gulley’s Financial Solutions. 

Impeccable Track Record
There are chances that we have assisted various clients with the same nature of financial problem that you are facing. We have a portfolio of happy clients who entrusted us with their financial planning and tax preparations. 

Tech Savvy Approach 
Accounting and taxation is the game of numbers. But adopting conventional approaches never brings desired results. Gulley’s Financial Solutions leverages state-of-the-art tools and techniques to bring efficiency to the results. 


Meet our Owner



Salester Gulley is the pioneer behind Gulley’s Financial Solutions. She has been specializing in personalized taxation and accounting for over 10 years. Years of diligence and deep knowledge of financial insights give us a competitive edge over ordinary accountants. Salester Gulley leverages her skill set to come up with the most optimal financial solutions. 


Gulley’s Financial Solutions provides top-notch financial consultations to clients from diverse industries. Are you ready to maximize your profits or get control of your personal finances? We are ready to tackle any financial challenges that you may have as your trusted accountant, tax planner, and financial advisor.

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